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The Mission at CVF Productions is not just to teach acting, but to make “great actors” out of each of our students.  We also help performers of all walks get over stage fright, and truly shine when they are on stage.  Each of our students are walked through the process of getting a headshot, resume and monologue together so they prepared for auditioning. CVF often provides students with practical experience by including them in TV commercials and other productions, like music videos or infomercials.


Our Beginner's course makes it easy to learn acting from the basics of stage directions and lingo to preparing for auditions and skits.  We help our students with voice projection, stage fright, monologue selection, etc.  At the end of the course we do a skit or short play and twice a year we have a Student Showcase that the parents and friends can attend.


Our Intermediate course takes the basics to the next level, securing monologues, exploring characters in time and conditioning forces (dealing with more than one sensation or condition at the same time), reviewing roles and how to work with a script.  Longer skits are used, and at the end of the course we do a short play for the Student Showcase.


In our Advanced course, we use video feedback more and you learn additional skills that will make you stand out against the crowd, such as Stunt Fighting, Voice Overs, Animations, Green Screen, Anchoring, how to be an MC (master of ceremony), complex Characters, and more!!!

Acting for TV & Film-
Acting in film and television can require a special set of acting skills. In film and television acting, you often don't have the luxury of a live audience giving you feedback of any kind. Instead of a theater full of people, your audience is just a camera, the camera operator, the director, and any sound, light, and makeup technicians who happen to be standing around at the time. In this course we learn the elements of Acting for TV & Film along with the technical aspects. Video & Audio Feedback is provided. Learn how to do  voice overs, work with teleprompters/cue cards, green screen, characterization, and perform TV Commercials &/or sitcom skits.


In our Improvisation class you can Express Yourself and learn to think out of the box, how to react quickly, build your creative self confidence and have fun! This is great training for those moments on live stage that are unexpected.  Laugh your way through this unique course designed to introduce the beginner student to the world of improvisation, using individual, pairing and group improvisation exercises.


Our Musical Theater class presents a variety of excerpts from known and original musicals and a new musical is introduced every 4 weeks. Acting for live stage is reviewed as well as vocal projection and stage presence. The end of each 4 week session is video-taped.  It starts off with little to no movement and one or two songs and builds with each new musical to include more song and movement.  A DVD compilation of the musical excerpts is available at the end of the course.


Our Teachers, Debra Sosa and John Parsonson are experienced actors in all areas of Television and Stage performance.


Debra F. Sosa                                                   John Parsonson

Debra was trained at Herbert Bergdoff Studio in NYC and has hosted several talk shows, produced several TV shows and commercials, has appeared on numerous TV commercials, and on and off Broadway in Live Musical Theater productions.  Debra has worked with Tito Puente and Celia Cruz. She is also a singer/songwriter and dancer and will be appearing in an upcoming movie starring major actors which by contract can’t be named yet. 

John was trained in London at the Central   School of Speech and Drama and as a director at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. His credits include working with Richard Harris (Prof. Dumbledore/Harry Potter), Richard Rountree (Shaft), Burgess Meredith (Rocky) and David Janssen (Fugitive TV series) John is also experienced in film and directing, and directed an  award winning play.




We look forward to helping you become a wonderful Actor! 

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Dance Lessons




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MODERN / JAZZ / HIP-HOP/ LATIN / YOGA/ LITURGICAL as scheduled (see class schedule)  – taught by Debra Sosa & other guest teachers.  Debra is a 2 time scholarship recipient, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center and Broadway Dance Center in NYC where she learned a large variety of dance styles.  She has performed at Radio City Music Hall with such greats as Tito Puente and Celia Cruz, and off-Broadway theater productions as well as working as a featured dancer for 10 years with a Latin Musical Review. Debra taught Liturgical (Praise) Dance in NY for 7 years and has taught dance, exercise and Yoga at Community Centers, the YWCA, as as well as teaching Liturgical (Praise) Dance in NY for 7 years. All Guest Teachers are screened and are experienced working with both children and adults.


BELLY DANCING  taught by Leslie Cruz.

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CHOREOGRAPHY /  STAGE PRESENCE & MOVEMENT Private Lessons - $50 for 1 hour – taught by Debra Sosa.   For anyone seeking movement or choreography to enhance their performance or for the dancer preparing for competition or a show, these private lessons are one-on-one, taking into account your type of performance and level of ability.  It is customized for individual and great for singers, performers, comedians, speakers, and of course actors.  It covers how to move on stage and connect with the audience, incorporating use of microphone, expression and spacial awareness. Drawing on her dance and performing experience, as well as, her acting and singing experience, your performances will improve in no time. She will help you to move confidently and feel comfortable on stage, capturing the audience’s hearts.





Private Lessons are by appointment only






 Class Schedule        

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Private Music Lessons

 Private Lessons are available Monday through Saturday.
˝ hour is $25.00 and a 1 hour lesson is $50.00, payable monthly

 William Von Zangenberg


Started playing guitar at 8 years of age studying with Anthony Meluta a prominent jazz guitarist in NYC. He also studied with Chuck Wayne was a jazz guitarist who came to prominence in the 1940s. He is best known for his work with Woody Herman' and for being the first guitarist in the George Shearing quintet

Bill joined the NY Musicians Union Local 802 playing for plays and shows in NYC. He organized and founded his own band in 1968, playing for affairs and shows in NYC as well as benefits for groups like the American Cancer Foundation and the Humane Society. Bill currently plays and teaches in the Tampa Bay area as part of the Southern Yorkers, a Ventures Tribute band.






Mauricio Jose Rodriguez (Bass, Guitar, Piano, Cello, Violin, Music Technology, Music Theory & Composition)

Bass player, composer, producer, and educator, Mauricio J Rodriguez is one of the finest musicians of his generation in Cuba. He was member of Fervet Opus jazz quartet, one of the most important Latin jazz bands in Cuba in the 80’s, touring around the world to many festivals and concert including The Havana Latin Jazz Festival, Jamboree, Bratislava, Spain, and Moscow, among others.  In 1994 he moved to Venezuela with the string quintet Union under a contract with the Venezuelan Cultural Ministry to participate in the Youth Symphony System as a professor and consultant. He taught for years in the Aragua Conservatory and was the Master of the Aragua’s
Symphony Orchestra double bass section. In 2001 he moved to USA where his performance was well received in the music community inviting him to perform with different bands and ensembles, among them are Guisando Caliente, Bayside, and Trylogy Jazz Trio, to name a few. Currently he is teaching at Saint Leo University as an Adjunct professor of music. His degrees include two Master of Music Performance, one from Cuba and the second from University of South Florida and superior studies at the University of Miami in Jazz Studio Writing. As a composer his music has been played around the world, from Symphony orchestra to soloists.  As an educator he was a
member of the Cuban National Commission of Evaluation for the Artistic Sector (Music), consultant for the national commission of schools of music, and member of the National Union of Writers and Artist of Cuba.





Modeling Classes


MODELING CLASSES are often used to bait people into buying expensive portfolios and services. We are not an agency and don't offer photography services, therefore, we have no hidden agenda. Learn the basics - runway modeling, how to apply make-up, how to do photo shoots, and, most importantly, what to beware of.  Classes are at CVF Productions Performing Arts Studio in Clearwater/Dunedin area. Taught by a genuine ex-model and showgirl.

Teacher:  Debra Sosa first learned to model at the H.S. for Fashion Industries & Barbizon School of Modeling in NYC.  She worked for Clairol, Converse (sportswear), various Hair & Fashion Conventions and did Showroom modeling in the garment industry (mostly modeled fur coats), and won the Ms. Palladium Beauty Contest in 1989.  Also a dancer, her dance career included being a Showgirl/Dancer working 10 years with a Latin Musical Revue, wearing big headresses and elaborate costumes, dancing at Radio City Music Hall, and a few off-Broadway shows. She has also done a few commercials, modeling for Body Designs, Cable TV's commercial "The Dawn of Cable", Taffy's Dance Wear and hosted a TV show for 4 years called "Dance Brew".  She is currently the host of Talent Shine TV Show and keeps abreast of all the latest trends in the fashion industry.


Wk 1:  Runway Modeling & Movement 

Naturally, the Walk is the most important aspect of Runway Modeling, but it is not the only aspect.  The common pitfalls of Runway Modeling are reviewed including what to do with your Eyes, Chin, Shoulders, Hands, Legs and Posture.  Last but not least, the Attitude!

Wk 1: Hair and Make-up/ How to Look Great

How do you get "the Look".  Each model is different, but some basic rules apply and then you need to know how to work with your individual features or hair type.  There may not always be a hair stylist available to you, so for unplanned moments, quick touch-ups during a show, or last-minute adjustments, you should know how to do it yourself. so how do you get shiny hair, runway hair, a tousled look, an up do, etc.  We give you many simple beauty tips and tricks that you can use to get some of that star power for yourself!


Wk 2: Photo Shooting

All models should have an understanding of what their body looks like in different positions and also understand how their face feels when they're making different expressions.  We help you practice a variety of different looks so that you are prepared should you be asked for a specific expression, such as: "sexy", "intense", "serious", and "pouty".  We teach you what to do about gum lines that show. Body positioning and angling, facial expressions and more are all dealt with in a non-critical fun atmosphere.

Wk 2: Catalog Modeling.    Catalog modeling is a choice career for men and woman who have a commercial appearance, natural physique and friendly demeanor. Catalogs feature everyday, natural-looking models, making it an approachable industry for individuals who are not incredibly skinny, tall or exotic-looking. We give you steps to launch a successful, dependable career.

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Voice Lessons

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ng, etc -, it has captured the attention of fans all around the world; even to the extent that people have made lyric videos of the song in their own languages, translating it themselves! Two of those languages include Polish and Portuguese. I'm so happy with the finished result, and according to my fans, they are also. Well worth the effort!

13.          What is your greatest strength?
My greatest strength is having the ability to learn my clients. I like to get the time to know my clients since their stress levels can affect their voices. I like to make them as comfortable, happy, and least-strained and/or afraid as possible.



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